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Always call 911 in the event of an emergency. If your community is managed by Piazza & Associates and you have a maintenance emergency,
call us at 800-723-7812.



Piazza & Associates, Inc.

Princeton Forrestal Village
   216 Rockingham Row
   Princeton, NJ 08540





Equal Housing

Piazza & Associates
... Providing effective consultation
and efficient service;

... making customer satisfaction
and property maintenance
our highest priorities!

We are a small, customer oriented company that has its origins in the Princeton / Plainsboro / Cranbury / area.  Today, we remain dedicated to these communities and center our management endeavors on a select few properties within easy reach.  This assures a high level of oversight and service.  Being small also allows us to be more agile and adaptive to the needs of each association which we serve.

All of us, at Piazza & Associates, pride ourselves in our ethical standards, our emphasis on communication and accountability, and our ability to respond to all our clients in a timely manner.  Our knowledge of, and experience with, local service providers, contractors and municipal administrators in the area help us do our work more effectively.

If you would like to consider our firm for your condominium, townhome or homeowners association, please contact Frank Piazza, by telephone, at 609-786-1100, extension 301, or by e-mail, at fpiazza@PiazzaNJ.com.


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